Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “For everything there is a season, and time for every purpose under heaven”. We find ourselves in an exciting season where God is doing something fresh, inviting and life changing!

The church formerly known as Kingdom Harvest Christian Center will now be known as Life Church. The change in the name of the church is multifaceted and intentional. First, the name change represents a fresh start for a fresh move in our lives. Everyone, including Pastor Hall will be new to this church, the ministry it will do and the blessings as well as the impact that come along with it. Those who become partners in ministry with Life Church will build this church and the ministry it will do together! Secondly, the change of the name is representative of what this church will strive to do which is to “empower people to live their best life”.

Below please find some foundational information about Life Church to give you a better understanding of why it exists and what we will use to guide us.

Vision Statement

Life Church is called to be a relevant, progressive safe place for persons of diverse backgrounds to learn, implement and share the principles provided through Jesus Christ to address, overcome, enjoy and thrive in every area of life.

Mission Statement

We will live the life God intended us to live, through Jesus Christ, to the fullest with boldness, freedom, assurance, faith and hope while dedicating ourselves to helping others do the same.

Life Pillars

These are the areas we will intentionally focus on building in each of our lives

  • Spiritual Life

    Commitment to spiritual growth through personal and corporate worship, christian education, operating in your purpose and using your gifts both inside & outside of church

  • Economic Life

    Establishing and maintaining financial health

  • Educational Life

    Providing avenues and networks for advancement in education and career

  • Social Life

    Learning to build, maintain and flourish in relationships, provide compassionate community service and addressing societal ills through intentional social action

  • Physical Life

    Devotion to health & wellness of mind, body and spirit

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